I’m going to put about as much effort into this intro as the Mets put into throwing a no-hitter. Oh… wait.

Gorod’s new album A Perfect Absolution is out now and it rips all sorts of faces. We shouldn’t have to tell you yet again that Gorod are one of the best tech-death bands in existence because, unlike some of their weedily-weedily peers, they’re so good at writing cohesive songs, but dang, I just did anyway. In case “Carved in the Wind” (featuring a guest solo by Obscura’s Christian Muenzner) and “The Axe of God” (featuring a guest solo by The Faceless’ Michael Keene) weren’t enough to convince you of that, try on “Elements and Spirit” for size, complete with a new video. The video itself is nothing special, although it does feature close-ups of all the guys playing their instruments which I gather is something most fans of Gorod are gonna be very interested in seeing. Even if that’s not your thing, press “play” and listen to the song whilst you go back to work in another browser tab or whatever.

Vest Metal torchbearers In Solitude, fresh off their stint on the Decibel Magazine Tour with Behemoth, Watain and The Devil’s Blood, have released a new video for the track “To Her Darkness.” I can’t really follow the plot line of this clip — looks like the members of the band are making some kind of sacrifice to The Almighty Vest God and then some chick wanders off into the woods in search of more vests or something — but the zombie facial make-up is really unique and fascinating to look at. This song is pretty good too; never really paid attention to these guys before!

There used to be a commenter who frequented MetalSucks in the early days known simply as Sammy. What ever happened to Sammy (and for that matter, dudes like jtquake, Wayne and Revrant)? Even if he doesn’t leave comments here anymore, his gift that keeps on giving is introducing us to Spiralarms, the bluesy/Southern metal band featuring Craig Locicero (Forbidden, Manmade God) on guitar and Tim Narducci (ex-Systematic) on vocals whose sophomore effort Freedom will finally hit later this summer. “Dropping Like Flies” is the first single from the album, and you can check out the video below via Noisecreep; looks like the fellas have gotten considerably more beardy since last time to match their Down/Crowbar vibe.


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