...And F*ck You Too


  • Axl Rosenberg

Videos like this one, which was filmed on Tuesday night in Moscow, are truly a gift.

First, skip to 3:46 and just watch:

On the one hand, it’s actually hard for me to blame Freddy for his reaction; I mean, my worst fear is to have a Limp Bizkit fan touch me, too. But that’s the thing — the poor kid doesn’t even touch Durst. He touches Durst’s hat. So while most musicians, even ones of a certain stature, will often reach out their hands to the crowd to high-five fans — which, I don’t have to tell you, can pretty much make a kid’s entire life — Durst doesn’t even want his fans to touch his fucking clothes.


But the best part is that Fred actually says “This is a special moment!” RIGHT BEFORE IT HAPPENS. Which a) turned out to be 1,000% true, and b) was apparently not so special to Fred that it couldn’t be horribly disrupted by a fan touching the brim of his shitty gangsta hat.


Major thanks to Lincoln for the tip!

P.S. What the FUCK do they make poor Wes Borland wear on stage these days? Mascots at Disneyland have more dignity.

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