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My dudes and I used to find ourselves at a record store for no reason. Not racing to get an anticipated new classic or ticking off albums from our ‘find lists’ (member when it sometimes took a few tries to buy a record?), we instead just grabbed a stack of cool-looking releases from which we’d each select a pair to take home. Via our low expectations, those randoms might blow us away for life (e.g. The Beyond’s Crawl and Songs For Insects by Thought Industry). That’s this week’s Shit That Comes Out Today: a pile of under-the-radar hard and heavy new releases (and tasty reissues) that can’t fail to yield at least a couple historic buys for any metal dude. Pick your pair!


Brume d’Automne
Brume d’Automne (Sepulchral)
On a playlist with: 1983 Voivod, Bathory, Entombed
Listen Brume d’Automne trailer (here)

It says here that Brume d’Automne means “Autumn Mist” and if that’s true, this Quebec black metal duo is like guilty of false advertising? Cuz there’s nothing foofy and misty about their self-titled second album. I was expecting waterfalls and bare trees and yeah mist — but Brume d’Automne is guttural, raw, and that gross kind of angry that’s scary and homicidal. I’m kinda freaked out. Srs I don’t know what autumn is like in fucking Quebec but they should downplay it in tourism ads. I can see it now: “Experience Your Choice Of Quebec’s Spring, Summer, Or Winter.” Or “Autumn In Quebec: Closed Due To Scary-Ass Mist.”


Unholy War (Tribunal)
On a playlist with: Judass Priest’s Painkiller, Exodus, Megadeth’s “Devil’s Island”
Listen “Unholy War” (here)

Never mind that you’ve likely seen four wedding bands, two jazz combos, and nine rappers with the name Forté — these guys rage! This is the same Forté from the ’90s, kinda the rougher, faster, smaller cousin to Nevermore’s precise power-thrash. And it’s been 12 years since their last record, so we can guess that the Forté dudes are old enough to make jamz this unabashedly metal. I mean, just check that stunning play on words in the title! This is metal Metal.


Miss May I
At Heart (Rise)
On a playlist with: Atreyu, early Caliban, early Funeral For A Friend
Listen janky At Heart full stream with commercials :( booo (here)

Full disclosure: I interrupted an Enuff Z’Nuff album to check out At Heart, the third record by Miss May I. That might be why it seems like At Heart rages full bonerz, but dangling just behind are generic ballz. And who can listen to some guy’s mostly imagined death-struggle with his problems for an hour? I don’t even do that for my friends. Get a diary and get rad brahs!


ne obliviscarisNe Obliviscaris
Portal of I (Code666)
On a playlist with: Opeth, Between The Buried And Me, Rush’s “Losing It”
Listen “Xenoflux” (here)

Here’s a memory-tester: What awesome burgeoning Australian metal band was first covered on MetalSucks in 2010 when visa problems beset their French guitar player? Okay duh the correct answer is Ne Obliviscaris. Great job you! Now let’s back up all the way to the most important part of that sentence: Awesome. Why, here’s MS stud Vince Neilstein to elaborate: “Ne Obliviscaris [is] a black metal-tinged Opeth, but faster and heavier and with violin. Their detailed, deliberate, and classically-informed approach to songs certainly reminds me of Opeth, while the actual music reminds me of Ne Obliviscaris.” Hey Ne Obliviscaris dudes, you blushing?


Clockwork Angels (Roadrunner)
On a playlist with: King Crimson’s Red, Yes’ 90125, Rush’s Vapor Trails 
Listen “Clockwork Angels” (here)

In the awesome 2010 documentary Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage, more than one subject of the film expresses his worry about the boringness of their lives. The concern was that with no episodes of sex and drugs, the Rush story is not fantastic enough for a movie. But it turns out those modest jerks were wrong modest jerks; R:BTLS is 107 minutes of tender nerd drama excellence. And now heralding Rush’s ambitious, poignant Clockwork Angels, I am thinking of the R:BTLS scene when the band describes the moment they decided that, y’know, enough with the high-concept albums; I also am reminded of the part where a jovial Geddy Lee tells what lead to the assignment of their drummer to lyrics detail: That drummer (!) was constantly reading (!!) books (!!!). Those warm hilarities come to mind cuz Clockwork Angels is Rush’s first story-album in ~70 years, and their drummer (!) is having a guy write a novel based on it! Sure why the fuck not lol RUSH 4 LIFE!


H.N.P. (Klonosphere)
On a playlist with: Gojira, Lamb Of God, Pantera
Listen “S(l)ave The World” (here), “The Worst F(r)iend” (here)

I love Gojira’s positive vibe: You can tell they really care deeply about stuff like oceans, whales, free thought, and great hair, and that embiggens their jamz. What better way to be loved than to love? Now when you require a groovier Gojira that sounds contemptuously mad at you (and that cares deeply about parentheses), there’s Trepalium. I think the two bands are neighborly bros — each is from The France — but one got way more into Pantera than the other.



All Out War Truth In The Age Of Lies reissue (Organized Crime)
Bilocate Summoning The Bygones (Code 666) listen
Royaume des Ombres (Sepulchral) listen
Cara Neir / Ramlord split (Broken Limbs) listen
Casey Jones
Start To Finish documentary watch
Charlie Shred Charlie Shred (Doolittle) listen
Empires Of Eden Channelling The Infinite (Cargo) listen
Heaven Rain Second Sun (Music Buy Mail) listen
Judas Priest The Complete Albums Collection box (Sony Legacy)
Madball Rebellion EP (The BNB Label) listen
Municipal Waste / Toxic Holocaust Toxic Waste 12″ (Tank Crimes) listen
Pelle K Bag Of Tricks (Doolittle) listen
Process Of Guilt Faemin (Bleak) listen
Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till, Wino Songs Of Townes Van Zandt (Neurot) listen
Shaped By Fate I Fear The World Has Changed (Siege Of Amida)
>>Solstice The Sentencing / Pray 2CD reissue (Divebomb) listen
Thornafire Eclipse Nox Coagula (Ibex Moon) listen
Turbonegro Sexual Harassment (Volcom) listen
>>Witch Mountain Cauldron Of The Wild (Profound Lore) listen


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