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I would love to hang out in Austin, TX at some point other than during SXSW. SXSW is a blast, but you get the sense that claiming you’ve been to Austin when all you’ve seen is SXSW insanity is kinda like visiting NYC without leaving Times Square / midtown the entire time. I’m sure there’s so much more in that thar hill country, but I’ve never really got much time to see it. Austin seems like such a CHILL city while SXSW is anything but chill. The problem is there are so many other places in the world I want to see that I haven’t been to at all — Japan, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, the Czech Republic, China, Australia, etc etc etc — that it’s hard to justify going back again to a place I’ve already been five times and will continue to visit once a year for the forseeable future. Maybe some day I’ll be invited to a wedding there and I’ll make a week of it!

I don’t know if Austin’s annual Fun Fun Fun Fest is the opportunity I’m waiting for — I wanna see what it’s like when there are no music events of any kind going on — but it sure does seem like a fantastic excuse to travel and a, um…. really fun event. FFF’s lineup is always diverse and they’ve been incorporating more and more metal with each passing year; 2011’s lineup included Slayer, Danzig (the infamous onion soup debacle), Eyehategod, Trash Talk, Russian Circles, Cannibal Corpse and Cave In, just to name a few. And with the first of many trailer videos for the 2012 edition released this past Friday, this year will be no different: Baroness are on the bill, scheduled for November 2nd. Sweet. It’s gonna be another fun one.

This news begs the question: will Baroness have a headlining tour of their own this October/November? We’d wager so.


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