Poor Axl; the chap keeps missing Primitive Weapons play live despite: a) living in their home town of New York City, b) the fact that they play here all the damn time, and c) professing that The Shadow Gallery is one of his favorite records of 2012 so far. What gives? Dude’s too busy being a stud, I guess.

Lucky for me I’ve gotten to see Primitive Weapons four times already this year! Thrice at SXSW (each more ass-kickingly awesome than the one before it) and then again last Wednesday, when they headlined a show at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn with Family, Tiger Flowers and Whores. PW are an unstoppable live force; see them once and you’ll become entranced by frontman David Castillo’s hypnotic pull and the band’s pounding, churning energy immediately. Metal Injection’s Frank Huang was there to capture the insanity on film, and here’s his video of “Quitters Anthem;” it’s as close to being there as you can possibly get. Watch it for Axl.


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