Rampant Rumors



So as my headline clever suggests, word around the campfire is that Metallica are gonna play WWE Summer Slam in August, which is one of that organization’s bigger events. I stopped paying attention to pro wrestling when I was ten years old and discovered metal — not a coincidence, I’m sure — but my homeboy Rob over at Metal Injection knows so much about this stuff that he’s practically Gene Okerlund, and he seems to think it could be legit:

“Triple H has already come out to Metallica’s song last year, they licensed ‘The Memory Remains’ for this year’s WrestleMania and overall, Metallica have a very good relationship with WWE, as Triple H has been seen at countless Metallica shows.”

Really, unless Hetfield and Ulrich are gonna get in the ring against… uh… whomever the hell the big tag team duo is these days, this news neither delights nor enrages me. Mostly, I just wanted an excuse to post a photo of The Hetster’s sexy body. Yowza.

WWE Summer Slam will take place on August 19. I’m sure you can order it on Pay-Per-View or whatever.


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