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Well, hey, it ain’t much, but I’ll take it…

Earlier this week, Nefarious Realm interviewed Pig Destroyer’s Blake Harrison (above, far left), and he dropped a few little tidbits about the band’s new album, which they’ve recently begun recording (at last). Assuming that many of you suffer from ADHD, I will now sum up those tidbits, below:

  • Harrison categorizes the album as “fierce,” “short,” and “fast.” So, uh, Pig Destroyer are making a Pig Destroyer album I guess?
  • The band almost replaced drummer Brian Harvey the one and only Dave Witte, who had to bow out due to “scheduling issues.” I’m a huge Witte fan, but  Adam Jarvis, who eventually landed the gig, is also awesome, so that’s really just fun gossip more than anything else.
  • The members of PxDx are “all pretty into a UK band called Blacklisters.” I don’t know Blacklisters, but if the members of Pig Destroyer approve, I plan to educate myself ASAP. You can do the same here.
  • Harrison reveals that Chris Taylor is doing the cover art for the album. Taylor previously collaborated with the band on Painter of Dead Girls and Terrifyer, the latter of which I still think is the best cover they’ve had to date:

So… yeah! It’s gettin’ real up in dis bitch!

Read the full interview here.


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