This Sucks



It’s over — but we’re grateful for every moment of it.

What else brought us more smiles, more laughs, more pure, unadulterated joy?

It lasted six whole years, but that still doesn’t feel like it was long enough.

But everything, eventually ends.

And so, that regrettable time has come:

There is now, once again, only one version of L.A. Guns in the world.


Tracii Guns, founder and namesake of the band, left the group in 2002 to join the Brides of Destruction, a Nikki Sixx project that only he thought would last despite the allure of Motley Crue reunion money. In 2006, Tracii finally decided to do what we all knew he was gonna do, and go crawling back to L.A. Guns. Only he was too stubborn to do that, so instead, he just started his own version of L.A. Guns — thus creating The Great L.A. Guns Dichotomoy of the 21st Century, in which almost no one ever knew which verison of L.A. Guns anyone was talking about at any given moment.

One version briefly featured a bass player who looked like a skunk who eventually left to pursue a career as a missing person. I’m not sure if he was in Tracii’s version or the other one.

ANYWAY, Tracii recently said that he’s putting his version to rest. He also said some other shit about why, but I didn’t read any of that because who the fuck cares. One of the single longest-lasting jokes of my lifetime thus far has now come to its conclusion, and there isn’t enough Pentobarbital in the world to numb that pain.


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