Hipsters Out Of Metal!



Only a day away is the MetalSucks metal new releases round-up Shit That Comes Out Today, where u find all the fresh jamz to blast into your faceholes. But holy shit this week’s STCOT is overstuffed, packed to the gills, nards-deep in rad kickassness; as such, it’ll be easy for an unknown like Sweden’s Afgrund (blessyou!) to get overlooked amid the other dozen must-haves; or worse, their awesome new records’s eye-rollish cover image might chill u to its awesome contents.

So yeah don’t risk it: Listen free to all of The Age Of Dumb right now right here. Immediately lovable for wild metallists of any stripe, Dumb would fit snugly in a CD changer with recent classics by Napalm Death, Kvelertak, and Enabler. Accordingly, though Afgrund in Swedish means “abyss,” their sophomore outing is nothing so peaceful as a void; it more closely represents a rusty man-sized sausage grinder/spanking machine combo that’s plummeting to Earth from the mesosphere. And each of its 18 jamz is brief, super-snappy, and memorable, kinda like on D.R.I.’s Dealing With It. Okay I’m shutting up now U jam!


Pre-order Afrgund’s The Age Of Dumb from Willowtip here.

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