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Jeff Tuttle

According to a blog post published roughly three hours ago by Dillinger Escape Plan frontman Greg Puciato, longtime rhythm guitarist Jeff Tuttle has left The Dillinger Escape Plan. He’d been with the band for five years, which in DEP Years is basically a lifetime. Here’s the post:

A Message To DEP Guitarist Jeff Tuttle

I’d like to take a second to give a personal thank you to Jeff Tuttle, a great musician who became a great friend and who has given The Dillinger Escape Plan his all over the last six years, and who now needs to follow his inner compass as it takes him towards other pursuits. This band isn’t always easy to be in, mentally, emotionally, and definitely not physically, and Jeff always stepped up in every situation and crushed anything this animal of a band demanded of him. Jeff, it’s been a pleasure having you in the trenches with us, and having you as a friend. You’ve been there through serious shit in my life and been a good ear on tour and a voice of reason whenever I’ve been losing my mind from personal issues, been a partner whenever I’ve decided that I wanted to do some insane 4am workout in a parking lot, and a fellow eater of breakfast at any time of day. I’m proud to have had you in the band and glad to have shared part of this crazy journey with you. You’ve scarred my mind with some of the most disturbing movies I’ve ever witnessed, and I hope to one day watch one that you make. Everyone give Jeff a round of applause for nearly killing himself onstage with us every night, and for somehow not ever attempting to kill the rest of us…I know we aren’t always easy to deal with. Thanks Jeff.

Greg, any time you’d like to eat breakfast outside of socially acceptable morning hours I’m here for you, buddy. And next time you decide to eat shrooms feel free to give me a call instead of dialing 911.

All kidding aside, Jeff has been an integral part of DEP’s live show for almost the amount of time MetalSucks has existed, and we’re definitely going to miss his presence. That said, it sounds like the split is on peachy terms and Jeff has simply chosen to pursue other interests in life. Filling his role will be no easy task for the four remaining Dillingerers.


Thanks: Zak H.

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