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You may recall that last year there was a video game called Homefront, and that video game released a free download of its soundtrack, which features various well-known metal bands — including The Dillinger Escape Plan, As I Lay Dying, and Periphery — covering well known war-themed songs. One of the bands on that soundtrack was Oceano, who covered Edwin Starr’s “War.” As it turns out, they also recorded a cover of Jimi Hendrix’s “Machine Gun,” which the game did not use, but which Bota-Werks, the Illinois studio where it was recorded, has now released for free… apparently as an act of vengeance against the band’s label, Earache, for never paying them:

“Enjoy a unreleased track by Oceano that covered Jimi Hendrix ‘Machine Gun’ for the Homefront Soundtrack. Because Earache Records got up front money to be given to the band and studio but as all great record companies do they never paid out the band nor BOTA for recording and mixing this song we figure lets let the world hear it for FREE. Thanks Earache Records for spending our money!!”

In Earache’s defense, I wouldn’t want to give money to anyone who aided in this recording, either. It’s not that there’s really anything wrong with it from a production-standpoint, it’s just that it’s completely fucking terrible, and I’m quite sure that somewhere Hendrix is rolling in his grave. Then again, Earache did sign them, so this could just be another part of their Bond-villain-esque scheme to make the entire world suffer.

ANYWAY, listen to this if you don’t love yourself:


[via The PRP]

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