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Like the headline says, Periphery guitarist Jake Bowen e-mailed us to endorse Australian quintet Twelve Foot Ninja — so, needless to say, they went to the top of my listening pile. And, wow, I’m really, really glad that they did. Despite Bowen’s endorsement, Twelve Foot Ninja is not a djent band at all; vocalist Kin actually sounds almost exactly like Mike Patton, and late-era Faith No More is a pretty clear musical touchstone for these dudes. That’s not a bad thing at all. Even the band’s new video, “Mother Sky,” has a very FNM-like sensibility — it features choreographed dancing, parkour, and one of the band’s members in a bathtub with a bazooka — and it’s fucking GREAT. Like, one of the best videos I’ve seen this year, easily. Watch:

Like, holy shit, right?

The band is currently in the midst of releasing one new track and one comic (!) every week for twelve weeks, at the end of which they’ll release the physical edition of their debut album, Silent Machine (not to be confused with Nachtmystium’s excellent new opus, Silencing Machine). Get more details here.


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