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Suicide Silence vocalist Mitch Lucker broke his elbow so bad that the bone protruded through the flesh, and then he took a picture of that and put it up on his Instagram. I’m putting the photo after the jump because I suspect some people will find it gross. But it really doesn’t look like anything — I didn’t even notice the bone at first. (“That’s what she said.”) But Mitch is a trooper and played last night’s show in Odessa, Texas anyway. “It’s still less painful than this shit,” Lucker was overhead saying backstage.

Here’s the yucky picture:

All gentle elbowing aside (ENCORE!), we sincerely hope that Mitch is okay and applaud him for his can-do attitude.


P.S. I think I probably could have slotted in a pretty terrible joke about Mitch’s last name in here somewhere, but I figured two instant rimshots was plenty for one article. If you disagree — and who amongst us doesn’t have incredibly strong feelings on the topic of instant rimshots? — feel free to make puns about the vocalist’s lack of¬†fortunateness in the comments section below.

[via The PRP]

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