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Sevendust are hard at work on the follow-up to Cold Day Memory, which both Vince and myself declared one of the best metal albums of 2010, causing rage on the part of fans of Annie Ominous’ The My Parents’ Garage Sessions (Tr00 Kvlt Records). And over the weekend, the band released a whopping six in-studio videos, suggesting that they either plan to release a LOT of vlogs about the making of this album, or otherwise blew their load faster than the president of the Chess Club looking into the girls’ locker room through a peep hole.

The first two videos, honestly, are not all that interesting; they basically just show the band goofing around and don’t provide any samples of new music. But the other four videos all pertain to drum tracking, which means that a) we do get to hear some new music, and b) we get to watch Morgan Rose, the fifteenth best drummer in modern metal, in action. Check ’em out below:

By the way, in case you’re too dumb to pick up on the fact that I was kidding when I said the band may have blown their load too early — I was kidding when I said the band may have blown their load too early. I think it’s a safe bet we’ll get videos following the rest of the band members as they track their parts in the coming weeks.

I’m guessing Sevendust’s new album will be out early next year.


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