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Ahhh, sorry bros … no new musics today … PSYCHE! I totally had you going there for sec! You were getting all torn up inside thinking about a sad, sad Tuesday without good ol’ Shanny’s wussy recs and off-base comparisons. Well, fret not amigo! Read the colorful bevy of tech-death, synth-rock, and nerderific thrash-prog that is Shit That Comes Out Today after the jump.


Nights Under The Round Table (Napalm)
On a playlist with: Ghost, Alabama Thunderpussy, Kyuss
Listen “Painbringer” (here)

Let’s face it: Vest metal is for pussies. And if you’re a self-respecting metalhead who likes to occasionally get a fill of post-Oyster Kvlt-y proto-metal jamz, then you opt for “Bear Metal.” As described by Svolk, the genre is “the perfect blend of stoner, metal, and Nordic redneck attitude.” I didn’t know Scandinavians had redneck attitudes, but they sure are serious about the bear thing; bears are on their album cover and in their videos. Even those not overly enthused about this retro direction for “modern metal” will appreciate this Norwegian five piece and their proggier touches, epic songwriting chops, and killer facial hair.


Catalyst (Nightmare)
On a playlist with: Believer’s Transhuman, Nevermore, Scar Symmetry
Listen Catalyst full stream (here)

L.A. progressive thrashers Prototype took their time on third album Catalyst, but it’s a worthwhile wait for modern metal that doesn’t follow the dictates of fleeting trends. Prototype’s sound remains progressive, but never to a fault and never to the point of bogging down the band’s thrashy core. Well-polished vocal performances and great songwriting diversity make Catalyst an album to check out.


Cocks Arquette
Cocks Arquette (OSCL/FTU Industries)
On a playlist with: Fantomas, Kayo Dot, circletakesthesquare
Listen Cocks Arquette full stream (here)

Quite a band name, huh? And this Melbourne quintet’s sound is equally perplexing. There are certain terms I always like to avoid when writing about music — for example, avant garde — but it’s hard to label CA anything else. Imagine that Mike Patton and Toby Driver (Kayo Dot) started a post-hardcore band with really long songs and awesome titles (“Considerably Fucked,” “Pointlessly Vindictive”). Is it any good? I don’t know! It’s avant garde!


Cryptopsy (Cryptopsy)
On a playlist with: Quo Vadis, Dying Fetus, Cephalic Carnage
Listen “Golden Square Mile” (here)
Read MetalSucks review (here)

The votes are in and metal people agree that this new Cryptopsy album is prtty gudd. Disclaimer: My tastes aren’t elite enough, but their fan-unfavorite The Unspoken King (2008) did not strike me as particularly horrendous (though there’s some truth to the “if any other band” theory). For everyone who cried foul, Cryptopsy is Preparation H for their hemorrhoids of woe, a take-no-prisoners tech death album that manages to keep some of their experimental quirkiness, albeit in a less offensive dosage.


The Asthenic Ascension (Candlelight)
On a playlist with: Blut Aus Nord, Deathspell Omega, Celestia
Listen “Earth” (here)

French people are snobs. And if I’m going to make an uninformed blanket statement about a country’s whole population, I might as well also make one about its music: French metal is artsy-fartsy — especially its black metal. Hell, I can’t even pronounciate the title of this band’s album. It’s Reverence’s first US release, carrying on the signature high-brow hauntings of their fellow countrymen listed above with a subtle use of orchestra and unconventionally non-montone vocal stylings.


Spheric Universe Experience
The New Eve (Nightmare)
On a playlist with: Lacuna Coil, RED, Fair to Midland
Listen The New Eve full stream (here)

I’m not sure what constitutes a “Spheric Universe Experience” but if you like keyboard-heavy alt metal with androgynous vocals, you’ll want to have one asap. I don’t hear the all-encompassing progginess written about by our Vince Neilstein, but The New Eve‘s songs have pretty good hooks and I salute the drummer’s choice of headwear.



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Beastwars Beastwars (EMI) listen
Castle Blacklands (Prosthetic) listen
Circle II Circle Full Circle: The Best Of Circle II Circle (AFM) listen
Cloudscape New Era (Nightmare) listen
Coffin Birth The Miracle Of Death reissue (Bleak Art) listen
Culture From The Vault: Demos & Outtakes 1993-1998 (Eulogy) listen
Deserters The Slow Rhythms Of A Dead-Beat (Mediaskare) listen
Electrocution Inside The Unreal 20th Anniversary Edition (Goregorecords) listen
»Evocation Tales From The Tomb (2007) (Metal Blade) listen
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Ex Deo Caligvla (Napalm) listen read
Funeral Mist Devilry EP reissue (Season Of Mist) listen
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Hoobastank Fight Or Flight (Open E) listen
Hooded Menace
 Effigies Of Evil (Relapse) listen read
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Kittie Not So … Safe compilation (eOne) listen
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Ofermod Mysterion Tes Anomias (Season Of Mist) listen
»Orchid Heretic EP (Nuclear Blast) listen
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Pantera Original Album Series box (Warner UK) listen
Radiation Sickness: The Madness Begins 1987-1990 (Negative Reaction) listen
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