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Mutiny Within - Synchronicity

Mutiny Within’s self-titled 2010 debut was a damn fine album, a slice of Euro-inspired melodeath/power viewed through the lense of first-wave American metalcore. The band decided to break up just a year later after high profile tours and Roadrunner’s promotional machine failed to establish them with the metal audience at large. Had Mutiny Within been released in 2005 instead of 2010 I’m certain the band would’ve caught on in a huge way.

Apparently the members of the band that recorded that album — everyone except keyboardist Drew Stavola — feel like they’ve got some unfinished business, and they’re preparing to release a new album independently.

Here’s the message Mutiny Within posted on their Facebook page on Friday:

Album #2 artwork and music is going up in the next day! Finally!!!!!! it’s all done and we’re so pumped. We’ve all been working really hard on this, especially Mr. Chris Clancy, who has been producing, mixing, and singing his ass off. oh man you guys better play this loud…

That artwork, posted above, was created by the band’s drummer Bill Fore. The band has been polishing up demos they’d already put together for album #2 before they decided to break up, essentially finishing this in their spare time. They do not intend to tour to support it making this new album less of a “reunion” and more a tying up of loose ends. Here’s a clip featuring previews of several of the album’s songs:

Sounds pretty promising, right? It certainly should if you were a fan of the first album. Chris Clancy’s voice is always impressive right out of the box, but what it always came down to for me was the songs, and it seems like this album will have some great ones.

The band hasn’t announced a release date yet but hopes to release Mutiny Within 2 – Synchronicity by the end of the year.


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