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It shouldn’t surprise you all that much to learn that The Mothership, the side project of Periphery’s Spencer Sotelo and Matt Halpern, have released a new song that’s very, very poppy. For one, Sotelo knocked a Kelly Clarkson karaoke song out of the park so he’s obviously a fan of the stuff. And secondly, just listen to the guy’s voice; his sugary, sweet pipes are perfectly suited for pop.

But this is a good thing! Writing catchy pop tunes is no easy feat, and so I offer the following advice completely in earnest: Sotelo and Halpern should consider a side-career (or eventual retirement career) penning songs for Clarkson, Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato or whoever the next Britney Come Lately is. Listen to the demo for “Cosmic Breakdown” below and tell me you can’t imagine a gussied up version of this dominating the FM pop radio airwaves:

I mean, using the same four chords as every other pop song ever isn’t that hard, but the devil is in the vocal melodies and this song’s got ’em. Dunno what’s up with that weird-ass bridge, but I like it.

Speaking of weird-ass shit, The Mothership released another song called “The Ritual” a couple of weeks ago; it’s got a kind of Muse-meets-Danny Elfman thing going on. Another song, “Golden Shower Power,” also appeared a couple of weeks ago and sounds more like Maroon 5 than anything. Stream both below. The Mothership is all over the pop spectrum, but it’s all pretty good.

No idea what the duo’s eventual plans for The Mothership are, if anything more than just a fun time-killer.


[via The PRP]

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