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The above photo was taken during the first hang between Sebastian Bach and his former Skid Row bandmate, guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo, in more than a decade and a half. And in case you somehow doubt that this means there’s a reunion of the classic Skid Row line-up on the horizon, check out the statement Baz released with the photo:

“I know there are those of you reading this that have been waiting since 1996 to see this happen. We got to hang out together for the first time in …. well, a long time. We talked, laughed, and in the end, even hugged.

“It was great to see my old friend.

“It was great to talk with Dave about the past… And the future :).”

I mean he might as well have included tour dates, right? This is either an unofficial reunion announcement or the biggest cock tease I’ve had to endure since I was in high school.

And, honestly, I’m THRILLED. I think all of Skid Row’s Baz-era albums are killer — yes, even I even like B-Side Ourselves and Subhuman Race — and their two releases with replacement vocalist Johnny Solinger (who I imagine must have shit his pants after seeing this pic), Thickskin and Revolutions Per Minute, are both awful. And it’s worth noting that the especially lackluster Revolutions only has two songs co-written by Sabo — the fewest contributions he’s ever made to a Skid Row album. In other words, if Sabo took a more active role in the band again and Baz came back, these dudes might even have a chance of making another good record.

But even if they didn’t, uh, like, who cares? Baz may be an idiot, but his voice still sounds great, and he’s still a really, really fun live performer. If they did a reunion show, I’d be the first in line (and I’m 99.9% certain that Vince would be standing right next to me). SO LET’S GET THIS SHIT MOVIN’ ALREADY FELLAS.

P.S. Rob Affuso is probably ROCK FUCKING HARD right now.



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