Get Super-Up-Close And Personal With Meshuggah In “Demiurge” Video


Ever wondered what it’s like to be UNDERNEATH Fredrik Thordendal’s headbang, looking UP at his hair whipping about? Or mere inches from Jens Kidman’s face, seeing every vein bulge from his forehead as he screams into the mic? The world’s greatest clothing company, Scion Socks of Japan, has released a new video for Meshuggah’s “Demiurge” in which you can do just that.

You might recall that when Scion announced they’d be sponsoring the Meshuggah + Baroness + Decapitated tour this past Spring they teased some mumbo jumbo about bringing cameras along which we incorrectly assumed meant they’d be filming a concert DVD (after which they emailed us to tell us that would not be the case). Now we know what those crazy cotton purveyors were up to.

You might also recall that MetalGF attended the New York City date of that tour and penned one of the most universally-lauded show reviews in the history of this site. Good thing I married her!

My only criticism of this video is that the drum shots are very un-creative. The directors thought to attach a camera to Jens Kidman’s mic (awesome! innovative, even) but couldn’t get any drum shots other than one cymbal stand and one full-kit view from behind. Come on dudes, not even some close-up bass pedal shots? WTF? Tomas Haake is the single reason for at least 50% of Meshuggah’s popularity.

Anyhoo, watch:

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