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Video: Yosemite Sam Axl Rose on Jimmy Kimmel

  • Axl Rosenberg

As promised, Axl Rose granted his first live television interview in ten years (twenty if for some reason you don’t count the one Kurt Loder did at the VMAs in 2002) to Jimmy Kimmel last night, and, unfortunately, it’s not the laugh riot I was expecting. Rose was actually pretty affable, seemingly not at all bothered by Kimmel’s wisecracks about his perpetual tardiness, penchant for losing band members, and even his infamous cornrows. Sure, he was dressed like an idiot (even by rockstar standards) and his attempt to have an Oprah moment by placing tickets to upcoming GN’R shows under audience members’ seats (and, uh, buying everyone dinner from a burger truck) was anti-climactic. And you gotta wonder if his assertion that he’s been sick the past few days was intended as an excuse for his ridiculous performance at a charity benefit this past weekend. But by and large, this is just your standard bullshit talkshow interview… seriously, the most interesting thing he said is that he’s “leaning Obama” in this year’s election, and even that was undermined by his admittance that he has no plans to vote.

Here’s the interview for your viewing pleasure:

And if you’re curious, here’s the performance with Neil Young he was talking about… it’s vaguely less humiliating than the rest of Rose’s evening:

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