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Autopsy Starts Work On New Album, Example For Necrophagist


Last year, Autopsy returned with the burbling skullfuckery of Macabre Eternal, their first album since ahem Shitfun in 1995. And judging from the EPs, compilation, DVD, and live album out since their 2009 reactivation — not to mention their new comic book (above!) — we can say that Chris Reifert and crew are back at full bore. And now the goremakers have already loosed murmurs of a new record in 2013.

Set for mid-year release on Peaceville, the untitled sixth set will have artwork by Joe Petagno (Motörhead, Incantation). A band statement says its creation is a “task not being taken lightly, and the band will see to it eardrums are torn, minds are destroyed and skulls are crushed.” Sweet. And according to a post Thursday on the Autopsy Facebook, they have “started work” on the mostly-written album. We’ll hope for less fecal matter and more dismemberment, eh? And that their example will give Muhammed Suiçmez a biker-booted kick in the pants.

-Ryan Marks
Additional reporting by Anso DF

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