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Sebastian Bach Claims He’s Going to “Revolutionize Popular Music”

  • Axl Rosenberg

On Friday, Sebastian Bach posted the below photo on his Instagram account, along with the message, “Recording in studio today top secret project that will revolutionize popular music as we know it.”

Sebastian Bach Claims He’s Going to “Revolutionize Popular Music”

My initial thought upon reading this assertion was, “Oh, poor Baz, he doesn’t know what the word ‘revolutionize’ means.” But then I thought, “Aw, take it easy on the dude, he has a really great set of pipes, and who knows, maybe he is working on something revolutionary!” But what could that something be? Here are some thoughts:

  • An album where all the guitars were recorded by having Baz use the instrument as a baseball bat while R.A. Dickey pitched (underhand) to him.
  • An acapella dub-step album.
  • A re-recording of Slave to the Grind with the vocals performed exclusively by a gnu.
  • An album that is recorded backwards, and therefore must be played backwards to sound like music.
  • An album where every song was sponsored by a different company (e.g., “I Remember Yoo-Hoo,” “”18 and LifeCall,” “Rattlesnake Shake Shack,” “Pepsi Me,” etc.).
  • At last, a full cast recording of Rap: The Musical!

All of these would, technically speaking, be revolutionary. They wouldn’t be good, but they’d be revolutionary.

I’m dying to see what Baz has actually come up with. I look forward to making fun of him some more very soon.

[via Bring Back Glam!]

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