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Metallica Selling Reasonably Priced Neckties

  • Axl Rosenberg

Metallica Selling Reasonably Priced Neckties

Here’s the latest piece of shit that costs entirely too much money for no reason other than that it has the band’s logo on it: official Metallica neckties, which are being sold in the band’s webstore. Because these would never appeal to anyone who considers one of the first four Metallica albums to be their best work, they’re only available in designs which reference The Black Album and the Load of Crap collection. They cost fifty bucks each, because if you’re gonna be totally déclassé, you might as well spend too much money doing it, right? I mean, you can literally buy a plain black necktie for one-tenth the cost, but even an “upscale” outlet like Men’s Wearhouse charges almost twenty dollars less for such an accessory. So, yeah, this is a total crock of shit.

That being said, if you’re really that fucking desperate for a Metallica tie, here’s one for twenty bucks, and here’s a different one, also for twenty bucks. You can also buy a Slayer tie for sixteen dollars, or a Megadeth tie for twenty-two. I couldn’t find any Anthrax ties, but I did find a reasonably priced Cannibal Corpse one, so that’s pretty friggin’ weird.

[via Metal Injection]

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