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Metallica Announce the Name of their Record Label AND Reclaim Owenership of Their Masters

  • Axl Rosenberg

Metallica Announce the Name of their Record Label AND Reclaim Owenership of Their Masters

Metallica have at last announced the name of their new record label — Blackened Recordings, which is actually a pretty cool name. And not only will all of their future releases, starting with next month’s Quebec Magnetic DVD (trailer here), be released through Blackened, but they’ve also bought all their old masters back. Which I imagine means they’ll start releasing “special editions” in the not-too-distant future, which, if they come with any cool extras (unreleased tracks or demos from the band’s first four albums, maybe?), might actually be more exciting than new Metallica releases.

Here’s the band’s complete statement from their website:

“We like to make it a point here not to bore you with the not-so-exciting business aspects of making and sharing music, but we’re so psyched about our new adventure that we just had to tell you about it as we officially launch our very own record label, Blackened Recordings.

“Some of you, who have followed along throughout the years, are aware that in 1994 we renegotiated our contract with the Warner Music Group, which resulted in a joint venture with our record company for releasing all of our recordings including long form videos. Per that agreement, as of today we have taken ownership of all of our master recordings and Blackened Recordings will be the home of all of our current albums and videos along with all future releases including the December 10 release of the “Quebec Magnetic” DVD and Blu-ray.

“You may have heard us say it once or twice or a thousand times before, but it’s always been about us taking control of all things ‘Tallica to give you 110% on every single level every single time. Forming Blackened Recordings is the ultimate in independence, putting us in the driver’s seat of our own creative destiny. We’re looking forward to making more music and getting it all out to you in our own unique way.”

I’m very curious to see how this goes; Trent Reznor ultimately gave up on his attempt to be his own master, but maybe Metallica can actually make it work.

[via Metal Insider]

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