Unsigned and Unholy

Unsigned and Unholy: Love Sex Machine, Lionel Pryor, Thank You Scientist


Oh my god, this is heavy! Exactly as heavy as a band called Love Sex Machine should be… which is to say: REALLY FUCKING HEAVY! These mongoloid riffs aren’t quite fast enough to be considered elephants marching riffs… so maybe these are like elephants dying riffs or something? Either way, they’re crushing my cranium with their over-the-top bludgeoning brutality. Gojira slowed way the fuck down; Black Sheep Wall, Batillus; some other doomy / sludgy / post-hardcore influences I can’t put a finger on. 12″ vinyls are available via Throatruiner Records, but as far as I can tell the band is unsigned for digital and CDs. Prosthetic Records, Profound Lore or Season of Mist should sign this band right away. Stream:

Instrumental bands that aren’t djenty in the slightest always get a look in my book. Lionel Pryor take some influence from Scale the Summit but their emphasis is more on rhythms than leads, and while they’re not quite as technical as StS they’re decidedly heavier in the riff department. Stream their new album Siam:

Thank You Scientist sound like Coheed and Coheed with slightly heavier riffs (slightly) and a horn section. The vocalist sounds like a Claudio Sanchez / Spencer Sotelo hybrid, and they’re a good band if you’re into that sort of thing. Stream Maps of Non-Existent Places:

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