Wat U Think of Alaya?



This is Basick Record’s newest band, Alaya. Unsurprisingly given their record label, they utilize down-tuned polyrhythm chugs and progressive time signatures, but I think there’s a bit more going on here that some of you will dig. Here’s their new video for “Inside:”

For one, the vocalist is obviously really talented; dudes that can actually sing well without the aid of computers always get props in my book. And I like the early Killswitch Engage-style lead guitar stuff they’ve got going on. That said, they’re not exactly reinventing the wheel or anything… but they’re one of the more interesting bands I’ve heard in this sub-genre in a while.

Enough about me. Wat U think??

Alaya’s forthcoming debut album, Thrones, is scheduled for release via Basick Records in 2013.

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