Courtney Love Thought the Paul McCartney/Nirvana Performance Was Great


To the surprise of exactly no one, Courtney Love has publicly declared that this past Wednesday evening’s performance of “Cut Me Some Slack,” a new collaboration between Paul McCartney and the members of Nirvana who were smart enough not to marry Courtney Love, was “bad.” She also criticized bassist Krist Novoselic’s performance (“[Novoselic is] not exactly known for brilliance”) and declared that the wrong Beatle was fronting the group (“Look, if John [Lennon] were alive it would be cool.”), because the lady didn’t actually write America’s Sweetheart certainly knows better than the guy who wrote “Hey Jude.”

Not that anyone takes Courtney Love seriously; she hasn’t been in the press for her actual music since about 1998. Seriously, she should just be sending Grohl and Novoselic giant bouquets of flowers on a daily basis. If not for the fact that they constantly give her a reason to bitch, no one would even remember who Courtney Love was.

[via Classic Rock]

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