Funeral for a Friend Go “The Distance”


I’m just gonna be honest with you guys: the news cycle is still Corky-from-Life Goes On slow right now as people continue to readjust after the holidays. And so, out of boredom, I just now found myself watching “The Distance,” the new video from Funeral for a Friend, a band about which I give no fucks, and who aren’t even really metal anyway even though they’re always being covered by the metal press and doing metal fests and shit like that.

The good news is, the video is actually pretty good — it’s a creative new take on the “life on the road” clip. The green screen work is obvious, but deliberately so, and the stylization is actually kinda fun to watch.

The bad news is, it would be cooler with a song that wasn’t by Funeral for a Friend.

“The Distance” will appear on Funeral for a Friend’s Conduit, which is out February 5 on The End.

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