Ginger Wildheart’s Mutation


I thought it was a pretty cool idea when Ginger Wildheart did The Triple Album Projectwhere fans could pledge money for his grandiose musical quest and receive treats in return (the size of the treat being dependent on the amount they kicked in). So, basically, it was a Kickstarter project. Now that Kickstarter itself is de rigeur for quite a few bands (Google Amanda Palmer Kickstarter shitstorm”), it’s not that unusual to see more of these sorts of endeavors popping up. I say, why not? I personally don’t care what people choose to spend their money on. If their cash goes to their favorite bands and musicians and gets them music in return, why, that almost sounds like a foolproof idea. You’d think a similar system would’ve been set up sooner…

Since The Triple Album Project went far and beyond what anyone could’ve predicted by hitting over 555% of the estimated cost required, a sequel of sorts is now in the making. Mutation comes in two parts — Mutation: The Frankenstein Effect was recorded in 2011 but was put away until now, while the second Mutation album currently has no name, although recording began in May 2012. On top of this, Ginger also a brand-new pop-rock project called Hey! Hello!, lead by Ginger and Victoria Liedtke.

Several directors were invited to share their take on different Mutation tracks. Here’s Jeremy Belinfante’s vision of “Gruntwhore.” It was shot in Belinfante’s garage over two and a half days on a budget of 500 AUD (about $525), proving again that most people have not graduated from the Axl Rose School of (Music) Film.  If you couldn’t tell by the title, it is NSFW.

As with the previous project and many others in the same vein, there are levels of donations, with “rewards”starting with the bare minimum of a physical CD and updates emailed throughout the process all the way to,  ah, solid silver jewelry. Though the goal has now reached 531% of the original pitch, there are still fifty-three days to go before the deadline, so if you’re interested, take a look at the promo and website here.

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