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One of my favorite musicians, Ginger, set off on a quest to record a three album masterpiece. Now, this is exciting news, especially to me, but you need money for that sort of thing. He wanted to bypass all that industry red tape and do it on his, and his fans’, terms, but how do you do that with no money of your own and no record company funding? Ginger Wildheart: The Triple Album Project has set up to work through pledges, and offers four options to choose from:

  • Option 1 for £10: A digital copy of the 3-CD set as well as exclusive updates throughout the process.
  • Option 2 for £20-25: The 3-CD set.
  • Option 3 for £25-30: Signed version of the 3-CD set.
  • Option 4 for £100-110: A special “Thank You” 3-CD set, as well as vinyl copies.

If we approximate that one pound = two dollars, three full albums for twenty bucks is a pretty good deal. And if you’re a huge fan, well you can just knock yourself out. If he reaches the minimum needed to record, then all systems go. If he doesn’t, everyone gets their money back and the project is scrapped. Those who pledge will be the ones who pick which songs on the set make it to the twelve-song CD that’ll be released to the general public. They’ll also get to see recording sessions, stay updated on the process, and more, all because “[They’re] paying for this, it’s only appropriate that [they] get to see how [they’re] cash is being used.” Additionally, ten percent of the funds will be donated to Save the Children.

The pledging started this earlier this week and is set to run for sixty days. Ginger reached ten percent of his goal in forty minutes. He surpassed the minimum in less than six hours.

I’m honestly really surprised and delighted. I pitched in my share, since I like to support the bands I care about (and hell yeah, I want three more albums on top of his solo project that’s also set to come out this year), but it’s so amazing that he did it. Just goes to show how important fans and social media really are, because there was no advertising for this other than his own posts on Twitter and Facebook. It’s not like he has millions of followers either. I checked; less than 6,000.

The pledging is still open though, since the original target was the minimum amount needed. Now it’s for anyone who wants to be a part of the whole shebang. Get details here.


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