Is Axl Rose Old and Frail, or Just Pretentious?

Photos via Zimbio

Axl Rose, who now looks like the wretched spawn of Yosemite Sam, Dom DeLuise, and Liberace, was spotted at some Golden Globes after-parties on Sunday with a cane, which seems like kind of a big deal, since, despite what his gut would suggest, the man runs around for a living. So if his legs or feet or whatever are fucked, he’s potentially in deep shit.

But if you watch video of him walking around, he actually seems fine. Which leads me to believe that Axl is using the cane because he thinks it’s cool, not because he needs it. Like when he thought fur coats were cool…

…or when he was using that cigarette holder for awhile.

So that’s pretty silly. But I think we should cut the guy some slack. He’s from Lafayette, Indiana. It ain’t exactly Milan, y’know?

Here’s the video if you’re curious. Rose is surprisingly upbeat, even cracking a joke about the state of his career at one point (A female fan tells him she saw him live four times; he replies, “Twenty years ago?”). Is Axl Rose on meds? Maybe the cane continuously secretes Lexapro, which is then absorbed through his palm? That’s really the only logical explanation for his good mood.

Thanks: Mikey

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