I Like Walk As Chaos, and That Makes Me Feel Weird

  • Axl Rosenberg

There are a lot — and I mean a lot — of bands that sound almost exactly like Canada’s Walk As Chaos, and who I cannot stand. But the key word there is “almost.”

Here’s what sets Walk of Chaos apart from their djenty peers:

  • They write songs that are recognizable as songs.
  • They write songs that stick in your brain like dog shit sticks on your shoe.
  • The vocals sound neither overly-auto-tuned nor overly-emo-esque. These are clean vocals that I can totally get behind. (And that’s when they have vocals at all.)

And, as a bonus, their video for the song “Impasse,” which was directed by Doug Cook, is pretty goddamn cool. Even if I do think they’ve spent far too much time thinking about their hair.

You can download “Impasse” and the instrumental track “Aberrant” for free here. There’s no word yet on when they’re going to release an album, but I’ll be stoked to check it out when they do!

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