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This is the Sound of Christ Rotting

  • Axl Rosenberg

This is the Sound of Christ Rotting

Rotting Christ, one band we know definitely will not be on Gigantour 2013, are now streaming the title track from their new album, Kata Ton Demona Eaftou (translation: “That Cat Demon Gonna Eat You”), over at the website for the hilariously named magazine, Rock Hard. You should listen to it, because there is nothing bad about this song: the earthquake-tremor guitars, the chunky-yet-agile drums, the chorus of monstrous vocals, the wailing whatever-the-fuck-that-is… they all rule.

And that guitar solo! I’m not sure if it’s played by Sakis Tolis or new guitarist George Emmanuel, but HOLY HELL, good job, man. The damned thing both enters and exits the track with a scream, and never loses its sense of structure in-between; this is the kind of solo that reminds you, “Oh yeah, death metal solos don’t have to be a total mess of notes in order to kick ass.” So much yes.

Jam that shit straight into your ears here. Rotting Christ’s Kata Ton Daimona Eautou comes out March 5 on Season of Mist. You can read Sammy O’Hagar’s review of the album here.

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