Help Provide Some Solace for Instrumental Rockers Cloud Minder


Sometimes bad things happen to good people, and sometimes, really fucking shitty things come up unexpectedly. I’ve known most of the Cloud Minder guys for years, and am so very happy to see that they’ve got another record on the way. They’ve been kicking around since 2005, recorded five records’ worth of awesome instrumental post-rock jams, and were a fixture on the Philly live music scene until their guitarist, Dave Sommer, came back from a life-changing doctor’s visit in 2008. They had found a mass in his brain, and everything was about to change.

Cloud Minder have never been a band to give up, though, and have soldiered onwards. While Dave is still undergoing treatment, they’ve just finished a new album, Solace, and have turned to Kickstarter to make one last request:

“Cloud Minder, while separated by hundreds of miles and devastating illness, has created it’s most recent album entitled Solace. Having already recorded and mastered the album, we will need your support to physically distribute and press Solace to vinyl.  Cloud Minder has always been a DIY project, doing our own recording, screen-printing, artwork, and show-booking.  Solace represents a step forward for us, the culmination of years of work, yet is beyond our means for an adequate self-release.  Please help us to physically create Solace, and achieve the goal we can’t accomplish on our own.”

Happily, the band have already met and exceeded their goal, but if you like what you hear, and would like to lend your support to Dave and Cloud Minder, get details here.

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