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Sh*t That Comes Out Today: February 12, 2013


Hey there, STCOT-heads! Hope you had a nice sunny weekend with pleasant weather and bright horizons all around! We’re bringin’ the hard heaviness, plowin’ right out of your speakers — like that truck that was supposed to have plowed your driveway three days ago! Shit That Comes Out Today, below!


Lycosa EP (Innervenus)
On a playlist with: Crowbar, Vision of Disorder, Kylesa
Listen Lycosa full stream (here)

This Pennsylvania quartet, named for a genus of large, nasty wolf spider, plays punky stoner/sludge metal with pretty liberal sub genre mashing: thrashy breaks, Neurosis-esque clean sections (especially in the creepy “Did We Have Sex?”), and some unusual vocals for the genre (pig squeels and brutal death metal gutturals). A well-rounded EP; short and sweet.


In Crescendo (Sensory)
On a playlist with: Dream Theater, Riverside, Aeon Zen
Listen “Right Before” (here) “This Ain’t Another Love Song” (here)

The Roman virtuosos in Kingcrow carry on 2013’s proggy  sausage fest: Somewhere between the  neo-prog of the early 2000s and the dreamy art rock that succeeded it, Kingcrow mixes old and new. The musicianship is solid without being obnoxious in a “look at me!!” way. Vocalist Diego Marchesi also compliments this generally less-is-more approach with a voice that is perfectly capable of hitting those nut-crushing high notes, but doesn’t do so at every possible opportunity.


Fall To The Rising Sun
On a playlist with: Nonpoint, System of a Down, CKY
Listen Fall To The Rising Sun full stream (here)

If you still play alt-metal in 2013, you’d better at least take your cues from some of the scene’s talents. And here’s Psychothermia, whose infectious and kooky heavy rock lodges its hooks into the deep recesses of your mind. On their self-produced, self-released, self-engineered, and mostly self-mixed debut, there’s plenty of the standard genre hallmarks: riffy guitars, busy bass lines, doublekick-heavy drumming, and agonized vocals that are as quirky as they are addicting. Singer Johan Maldonado is the band’s most distinguishing feature, with his Elias Soriano-meets-Serj Tankian bugged-out angstiness.


Logic Of Denial
Atonement (Comatose)
On a playlist with: Nile, Suffocation, Morbid Angel
Listen “Reek of Perpetual Infamy” (here)

If last week’s STCOT was a Polish Pride celebration (new releases from Riverside and Hate), this week happens to be Italian Flavors Of The World edition. Of course, Logic of Denial have nothing common sonically with countrymen Kingcrow (above). Nay, these dudes from all over the boot play brutal “blasting death metal” with spiffy production, deep demonic vokillz, and those nifty Egyptian-sounding fifth guitar harmonies Nile likes so very, very much. Mama mia.


Pinnick Gales Pridgen
Pinnick Gales Pridgen (Magna Carta)
On a playlist with: King’s X, Living Colour, Queensryche
Listen “Hang On, Big Brother” (here)

As much as I get that Pinnick Gales Pridgen is meant to be an Emerson Lake & Palmer-style moniker, I keep hearing it as a “subject verbs object” metalcore thing like August Burns Red. (Pinnick Gales Pridgen … whatever that means.) Tangential interpretations of supergroup names aside, I’ll say that I really dig the new single from these current and former members of King’s X, Eric Gales Band, and The Mars Volta/The Memorials. It’s just as our Vince Neilstein wrote: groovy, bluesy, soulful rock with just enough of a proggy underbelly (and killer musicianship) to appeal to just about anyone.


The Holy Testament 1 + 2 (Svart)
On a playlist with: Corrections House, Skinny Puppy, Toby Driver
Listen The Holy Testament full stream (here) (here)

I’m lost for words about this STCOT selection. You might call these mysterious Finns drone/avant garde/post-blackened something, but that doesn’t really say much. Imagine two 45-minute volumes of delay guitar, tribal percussion, heavy synths, and a distorted Stephen Hawking voice that form a suffocating drone before exploding into black metal roar and evil screechy vocals. Interesting stuff, like Enslaved joined by Nivek Ogre, KK Null, and David Lynch. How is it? Ask me later. Need more drugs.



Bullet For My Valentine Temper Temper (RCA) listen listen
Deathrow Deception Ignored (Tribunal) listen
Deathstench Massed In Black Shadow (Malignant) listen listen listen listen
»Elysion Fields New Beginnings (2011) (Innerstrength) listen
»Expurgate Dementia Tremens (Comatose) listen
»Eyefear The Inception Of Darkness (Limb) listen
Focus X (Four Worlds) listen
Glenn Hughes Live In Wolverhampton (Armoury) listen
¤Grisly Amputation Cannibalistic Tendencies (Innervenus) listen
Hatriot Herpes Of Origin (Massacre) listen
Korn “Freak On A Leash” 7″ + T-Shirt box (Sony Legacy) listen
L.A. Guns (Phil) Live In Concert CD/DVD (Cleopatra) watch
Low Twelve Skin In The Game dualdisc (Dark Star) listen
Mothership Mothership (Ripple) listen
Quiet Riot “Cum On Feel The Noize” 7″ + T-Shirt box (Sony Legacy) listen
Raven Lord Descent To The Underworld (Mausoleum) listen
Slammer The Work Of Idle Hands remaster (Tribunal) listen
Spoken Illusion (eOne) listen
Texas Is The Reason Do You Know Who You Are?: The Complete Collection reissue (Revelation) listen
U.D.O. Animal House reissue (AFM) listen
U.D.O. Faceless World reissue (AFM) listen
U.D.O. Time Bomb reissue (AFM) listen
Vessels Black Teeth EP (Hotfoot) listen
Wrathful Plague Thee Within Shadows (1-2-3-4-GO!)


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