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Today in Indiegogo Campaigns: This or the Apocalypse are Blowing Up Their Van, Early Man are Making a New Record


How come everyone is suddenly using Indiegogo instead of Kickstarter? Not being a snarky dick, just genuinely curious since they seem to do basically the same thing.

This or the Apocalypse are using Indiegogo to ask their fans to help crowd-fund a new van so they can continue to bring their choreographed dance moves to stages all across the world. The band’s got several levels of rewards set up for those who donate, and they’ve posted a lengthy explanation of their financial/van woes here. But here’s the cool part:

We will also be filming a web documentary about the band and the life of being a touring musician as well as a music video for the song “Americans” where we will be BLOWING UP our old van.

That’s a great incentive, not to mention a fantastic headline-grabber (hey, it got us). But unfortunately they’re charging $5,000 for a cameo in said video which is completely disproportionate to the coolness factor. Might I suggest if they charged something more reasonable, like $200, they’d sell a TON of those packages? I wonder if the bus they’re blowing up is the short bus they retrofitted with bunkbeds with their own 10 hands?

Re-Thrash pioneers Early Man’s Indiegogo campaign is a bit more straight-forward than TOTA’s: “give us money to record a new record.” They’re asking for $20,000, which IMO is a very large studio budget for a gritty thrash band. Their packages are the usual: digital downloads, t-shirts, hoodies, posters, vinyl, and combinations thereof. If you pledge $5,000 you can even lay down a guest guitar solo on the album! I think Early Man should be paying me $5,000 for my virtuosic guitar stylings to grace their wax grooves, but hey, what can I do.

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