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MetalGF Goes to Gojira


MetalGF Goes to Gojira

Let me say, I was scared to go to this. I imagine what it might be like for you knowing you were going to Radio City and sitting through hours of Bon Iver. I go to metal shows so infrequently and they are so loud and intense and hot and crowded and everyone is moshing and sweating profusely and I kind of had to force myself out of our apartment. I walked into the Music Hall of Williamsburg and heard Devin Townsend thanking his “wife of 22 years for sitting on his disgusting dick,” or something of this nature. I immediately felt better; this guy is hilarious. I went to an actual “comedy” show in Williamsburg a few weeks ago and did not laugh once, so Devin already put this show ahead by a laugh.  I really enjoyed his stage presence. He was funny, sweet and had a great message of love. He suggested a group hug at the end and I watched these two men embrace in the mosh pit and kind of mosh/dance. It was a beautiful metal moment. We were standing a little higher up for this part and I pretty much enjoyed watching the crowd as much as I enjoyed Devin’s interludes.  Moshing looks like an abstract, mushy waltz tango and I like to watch it from above.

There was a brief break where we ran into some metal friends and then Vince and I went to find a nice spot to enjoy Gorjia. Or as most people call them, “GOJIRA!!!!!” Firstly, I love that drummer! Now, here’s a guy with gusto! He was amazing, or as they say in your culture, “br00tal.” The only other drummer I’ve ever even noticed was the late Jerry Fuchs from Maserati.  The Gojira drummer, Mario, and the lead Gojira guy, Joe actually switched places and instruments at one point. Mario’s drum solo towards the end was probably the musical highlight for me. On my metal scale of Intolerable to Highly Tolerable, they were pretty f-ing tolerable. The scene behind them, a large tree/brain graphic and their general French-ness helped their cause.  I could tell they were having a good time, giving it so much of their energy and getting it right back from the enthused, adoring crowd.

Also! There were actual women at this concert. Women!! I even saw three women of color. Women of Color!! It felt like a gift. This seemed like a hipper crowd than Meshuggah and a dryer, better-smelling crowd.  The whole thing was just more my speed and I’d say better overall for the visiting metal fan rather than the most hardcore.

Until next year or maybe sooner if I can convince Vince and Axl to give me a dating advice column called “Ask MetalGF.”

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