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What We Know About the New Ocean Album So Far


The Ocean 2012

Details about The Ocean’s forthcoming new album — their first since 2010’s double punch to the gut of Heliocentric and Anthropocentric –are still scarce. But here’s what we’ve been able to glean so far from various sources:

  • It will be released on April 26th/29th in Europe and April 30th in North America, according to a Facebook post by the band yesterday.
  • It will be released in two versions, one with vocals and one without.
  • It might be called Pelagial. An email newsletter dated February 6th from Pelagic Records — Ocean mastermind Robin Staps’ own label — listed an Ocean album called Pelagial with a release date TBA in the bottom right corner. That it’s two CDs or four 10″ vinyls is consistent with the vocals/no-vocals news we already know, but the DVD bit is slightly confounding so it’s possible this is something else. Screen cap:
    Ocean - Pelagial
  • The Ocean recorded the album in Sweden with Jens Bogren, and the recording and mix have both been completed.
  • There is a Swedish guest vocalist on the album. He is the only guest vocalist on the album.

That’s all for now! But The Ocean have plenty of touring plans, too. They have not been scared away from the U.S. by their previous string of horrible luck on our shores and they vow to come back on their next album cycle, possibly for Summer Slaughter if the festival will have them (yes, please!). They’re opening for Gojira in France at the Metal Ride Fest in April and have several other dates booked around Europe. And last but certainly not least, Robin Staps has organized Pelagic Fest in Berlin on May 10th, featuring Cult of Luna, The Ocean (naturally), Ef, Khoma, Kruger, Abraham, Earthship and Lo! Gonna be an awesome time if you happen to live in or near Berlin.

Thanks: Joey S. and Joshua C.

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