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Gridlink Are Gonna Teach You About Italian Architecture


Gridlink Are Gonna Teach You About Italian Architecture

Update, 3:56 pm: I’ve been informed that the band won’t be entering the studio until ’til September… so “Winter 2013” does indeed mean later this calendar year. Kind of a bummer, but still — NEW GRIDLINK! Who’s gonna complain, really? Original story follows:

HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!! The grind gods in Gridlink have announced that they’ll be releasing a new LP, Longhena, via Handshake Inc. in “Winter 2013″… which is kind of now, isn’t it? I suppose it’s possible they mean at the end of this year, but I’m really fucking impatient, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they mean sooner rather than later.

ANYWAY, I’m assuming that the album’s title is a reference to seventeenth century Venetian architect Baldassarre Longhena, who is most famous for having built the Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute… but I don’t really know enough his life — or architecture, for that matter — to be able to immediately discern what interest he might hold for Jon Chang and company. One thing I do know for sure: this album is going to kick eighteen different kinds of ass.

More info as it becomes available.

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