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Ihsahn is Already Recording a New Album


Ihsahn released his latest album Eremita just last June, but if the Interwebs are to be believed we won’t have to wait very long at all to be basking in new music from Norway’s pride and joy. Last Wednesday Ihsahn’s wife’s blog, Star of Ash, posted two pictures of Ihsahn standing in front of a drum kit with Tobias Ørnes Andersen of Leprous and the caption, “Ihsahn and Tobias recording drums in Juke Joint Studio.” A great sign!

Leprous are Ihsahn’s backing band, so the pairing makes perfect sense. But Leprous are their own band, too (and a very good one at that), so could Ihsahn simply be lending his voice to, say, one track on the next Leprous album? According to the man himself via Facebook, nope, the tracking is indeed for another Ihsahn joint:

Drums for my new album done! Thanks to Tobias@leprousband for fantastic performances.

Ihsahn later shed a little more light on the album in the comments to the above post:

Am I the only one who felt a little let down by Eremita? It was a good album, no doubt, but it just didn’t capture the same magic for me that 2010’s After did. I suppose it would’ve been nearly impossible to top the latter considering how fucking great it was. In any case, Ihsahn is one of the most supremely talented songwriters in all of metal and any new music from him is cause for anticipation; add a new Ihsahn record to the already incredible slate of new metal releases scheduled for 2013.

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