Randy Blythe Trial

Randy Blythe Trial: Day Five Wrap-Up


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Randy Blythe is back in the Czech Republic for a second time to complete the hearings for his manslaughter trial, and day five of the trial has come to a close. The Gauntlet has all the details, although they haven’t cited a source so this information should be taken with a grain of salt.

Two psychologists took the stand, offering contradictory opinions. One stated that Blythe “may have some antisocial personality traits” citing a speeding fine and a ticket for public disobedience while the other stated that Blythe’s results were normal (from an exam? we’re not sure) and that he “didn’t meet several of the conditions for antisocial personality disorder.”

A 19-year old female fan who was in the front row at the concert described seeing Blythe “push Daniel Nosek with a lot of force on the shoulders off the stage” and said that the crowd parted as Nosek fell to the floor.

Blythe’s legal team filed a brief on body mechanics that would have showed how Nosek’s body could fly off the stage, but the prosecutor objected, saying the witnesses had already given testimony. I’m trying to maintain a level head here with regards to the Czech legal system, but I cannot fathom how the science of physics would be rejected in favor of witness testimony. What the fuck?

One more day remains in the trial; it was originally scheduled to last for five days but was delayed when a key witness fell ill. Day four was cut short after just 45 minutes, and the conclusion of the trial was rescheduled to this week.

Tomorrow, George Strauss of the Prague Police Department will testify (for which side, we aren’t sure). Closing statement will follow, Blythe will address the court, and the verdict will be handed down. Keep Randy in your thoughts tonight.

Watch video below of Blythe in the courtroom earlier today from the Czech website Blesk.cz:

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