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Stream White Widows’ Debut Album Right Goddamn Now

  • Axl Rosenberg

White Widows

I love the new Rotting Christ album every bit as much as Vince does, but I’d argue that it’s actually one of the two best albums you’ll stream the week. The other one being — in case the headline doesn’t give it away — the self-titled debut of White Widows, the new featuring members of MetalSucks faves Primitive Weapons, Goes Cube, The Destro, and Grudges. Hopefully, “El Marrano,” the track we debuted last month, whetted your appetite for this release… but one way or the other, you should go stream it at Brooklyn Vegan right now.

Meaner than Axl Rose circa 1991 and heavier than Axl Rose circa 2013, White Widows really does sound like the perfect amalgamation of its members’ other bands; overflowing with piss n’ vinegar, it’s the kind of album that makes me wanna celebrate life by taking a cheese grater to someone’s face and finding out how many scrapes it takes before I see bone. If someone laid poisonous spiders’ eggs in your scrotum and those eggs then hatched, I imagine this is what it would feel like. It’s ill, ill, disgusting shit… you’re gonna love it.

Also, SIQQ ELEPHANTS MARCH RIFF ALERT!!! It’s on the song “Slow Burn,” and it rules. And then there’s ANOTHER one in “Sin Taxes.” So, y’know. Like I said. RULEAGE.

Listen listen listen listen right now you dumb silly fucksWhite Widows is out now on Sacrament Music. And here are the band’s upcoming tour dates:

3/09/2013 Acheron – Brooklyn, NY w/ Heartless
4/20/2013 Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY w/ Black Breath, Mutilation Rites
4/21/2013 O’Reily’s – Philadelphia, PA w/ Black Breath, Mutilation Rites

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