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Listen to Kvelertak’s “Spring Fra Livet,” Tell Me I’m an Idiot


Listen to Kvelertak’s “Spring Fra Livet,” Tell Me I’m an Idiot

If you’re one of the many people who seems to think I’m a dolt for not loving Kvelertak’s new album, Meir, then here’s your chance to start building a more detailed argument as to why my fingers should be cut off, lest I ever blog again: “Spring Fra Livet,” a song I specifically pointed to as an example of Meir‘s myriad disappointments, is now streaming on NPR.

In case you’ve forgotten, here was my beef with the song:

“The chorus of ‘Spring Fra Livet’ was, I assume, meant to sound massive, but it really just sounds busy, and structurally, it’s a plateau. It lacks both the simple beauty and primal, almost tribal elements that made Kvelertak so kick-ass.”

I stand by this assessment; the song starts out pretty cool but goes nowhere especially interesting or fun. But like I said, if you want to build a case against my less-than-glowing review, well, this is a good opportunity to do so.

Check out “Spring Fra Livet” hereMeir comes out March 26 on Roadrunner, and then the band comes to play the States in April. Get dates here.

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