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Listen to Polyphia!

  • Dave Mustein

Listen to Polyphia!

Djent’s been boring for a while, and technical metal thus hasn’t been shaken up in quite some time. Enter Polyphia. This Texan crew of 19-year-olds (and one 18-year-old!) plays blistering melodic metal, complete with thumping grooves and mind-boggling drum proficiency. The band describes their music as “progressive rock,” but metal it surely is. Think Guthrie Govan meets a more modest Periphey, sans vocals. Don’t assume this is another mindless wank-fest: Polyphia’s songs are far more focused than those of most bands with vocalists, and the pieces are addictive to boot. I’ve compulsively listened to their track “Transcend” multiple times a day since its release. The music is evocative, too; their tracks stimulate some powerful, colorful Polyfeelings. Tight production and smatterings of electronics help round out their affect.



All of Polyphia’s material thus far has been entirely instrumental, though the band is currently in search of a vocalist. Check out their guidelines for auditioning in the below video:

Inspire will be self-released by the band on April 21. Preorder packages can be found here. You can listen to their first EP, Resurrect, as well as to all of the band’s other material, on their official YouTube page.

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