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Here’s Your First (Very Brief) Taste of Music from Black Sabbath’s 13

  • Axl Rosenberg

Black Sabbath have announced a June 11 release date for their new album, 13, and to make sure that dudes like me write about that release date, they’ve also released a new behind-the-scenes/in-the-studio video thinger. But unlike the first behind-the-scenes/in-the-studio video thinger they released for the album, this one is actually entertaining, for the following reasons:

  • Notoriously studio-shy producer Rick Rubin’s refusal to so much as sit upright when working with Ozzy
  • Ozzy in the dumbest bowler hat I’ve ever seen
  • Like five seconds of new Sabbath music

For what it’s worth, the five seconds of Sabbath music sounds Sabbath-y enough to convince me that this album will probably be fine.


You can pre-order like eighteen different versions of 13 here.

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