The Top 25 Modern Metal Frontmen

#17: Tony Foresta (Municipal Waste)


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MetalSucks recently polled its staff to determine who are The Top 25 Modern Metal Frontmen, and after an incredible amount of arguing, name calling, and physical violence, we have finalized that list! Writers were asked to consider vocal ability, lyrics, and live presence when casting their votes; the only requirements to be eligible for the list were that the musician in question had to a) play metal (duh), b) be a frontman or woman (double-duh), and c) have recorded something AND performed live in the past five years. Today we continue our countdown with Municipal Waste’s Tony Foresta…

Municipal Waste is pretty well known for being a party band. It’s not just about the music; it’s about the music and having a thrashing-fucking amazing time. And no member of the group better embodies this fact than The Waste’s front man, Tony Foresta.

Formed in Richmond, VA in 2000, Municipal Waste allegedly caused a riot at the first show they ever played. That pretty much tells you all you need to know about the band.: they are the circus, and Foresta the ring-leader.

Headbanging in one corner, then throwing himself across the stage to the other, Foresta is as much a part of the band’s energy as the music itself. His machine-gun delivery allows each song to spiral into pure chaos — chaos which he doesn’t reign in, but, rather, allows to roll on and on until every single member of the audience is as caught up in the crush as he is. But he still remains in control. While the pandemonium rolls on, he makes sure that they still perform the tightest set because raw, exuberant energy is not the same as sloppiness.

Tony Foresta seems loud, aggressive, full of piss and vinegar, and yet, he’s still the nicest, funniest guy with whom you will ever have a conversation about puppies and tacos.


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