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Kamelot Fan Argues that Death Metal, Hardcore, Grindcore, and Deathcore Aren’t Music

  • Axl Rosenberg

In the below thirteen-minute-long video, some dickface who really likes a bunch of shitty power metal bands asserts that certain heavier genres of metal are not music. That’s infuriating enough, but it’s his argument that will really get your Satanic goat: he argues that bands who trade in these subgenres put effort into their logos and nothing else — which may very well be true of some of them, but is most certainly not a universal given —  and that it’s not even art. Which is completely fucking subjective. A fact he acknowledges, and then promptly denies.

And I was gonna type something about how I’d like to punish this dude by locking him in a room and making him listen to Magrudergrind and Maruta over and over and over again, but he’s wearing a Dream Theater shirt and, we can therefore assume, has never seen a woman naked. So that’s punishment enough I think.

Thanks: Sean

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