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Queen and the Melvins are “Best Friends”


Melvins - Everybody Loves Sausages

I guess Queen are just in the air or something right now. First, Puscifer covered “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and then this random Jewish kid covered a whole bunch of their songs for his bar mitzvah invitation video, and now the Melvins have covered “You’re My Best Friend” (with guest vocals from Tweak Bird’s Caleb Benjamin.)

And I actually find this cover a little more interesting than the Puscifer one (the less said about that poor bar mitzvah boy to be, the better), because —

  • The band have taken more liberties with the original. It’s still clearly recognizable as Queen’s classic, but they’ve put their own little spin on it by using a deliberately-thin-sounding keyboard — it gives the whole thing a kind of Super Mario Bros. vibe. Seriously.
  • It sounds nothing like the Melvins. Part of that is just Benjamin’s vocals but part of that it it just really no joke sounds NOTHING like the Melvins. If you had just played this for me and asked me who it was, I would have had no idea.

Check out the cover at Noisey. It will be a part of Everybody Loves Sausages, the band’s new “unconventional covers album,” which comes out May 7.


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