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Former Members of The Black Dahlia Murder are Now Nightkin with a Current Member of The Red Chord


NightkinNightkin is a new band featuring former Dave Lock and Zach Gibson, respective former bassist and drummer for The Black Dahlia Murder, and Mike “Gunface” McKenzie, currest guitarist for The Red Chord. That pedigree certainly warrants a listen, but here’s where things get really interesting: not only has Lock moved over to the guitar, but apparently Gunface is the band’s vocalist and won’t also be playing guitar. (Matt Gauntlett will be the band’s second guitarist, while Matt West will play bass. No I don’t know who those dudes are.)

It’s not Gunface’s first foray into vocals (see: Stomach Earth), but the idea of watching him go full Kozowyk is definitely intriguing. I can’t tell if it would be super-weird or not. I guess it will depend on his frontman skills.

While we wait for more news, you can listen to some samples of the band’s music below. Alas, there are no vocals on it yet… but it does promising!

[via Metal Injection]

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