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Learn Why The Ocean Decided to Include Vocals on Their New Album


Raise your hand if you’re excitebike for the new Ocean album Pelagial. Me me me me me!

The anticipation continues to build. First we learned a whole lot of info about the concept behind the album, then we got a brand new track shortly thereafter. There are rumors floating around that The Ocean will appear on this year’s Summer Slaughter tour. And amdist all that the band provided us with a fascinating look into the recording process of Pelagial; after that exhaustive studio video, what was left?

Vocals. If you remember back to September of last year, Ocean mastermind Robin Staps told MetalSucks that the band’s next album, what we’d eventually learn would be Pelagial, would be entirely instrumental. Later on we learned that the album would be released in both an instrumental and vocal version. What led to that seemingly sudden change of heart? Episode #2 of The Ocean’s in-studio reports reveals exactly why the album was going to be instrumental in the first place, and what led vocalist Loic Rossetti back into the fray. It also covers the lyric writing and vocal recording processes. Everything that band does is so fucking captivating. Watch:

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